Jeanne Kelley

Personal Chef

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What ever you wish is Chef Jeanne's dish! Personalizing in meals just for you, Chef Jeanne’s food is out of the ordinary, blending local flavors of the season into healthy, tasteful creations that come from a chef who knows time-honored methods. She has traveled to different countries, exploring regional ingredients and traditional ways of preparing international cuisines to master dishes she has loved for years. Her expertise services include:

  • Nutritious, individualized everyday meals for families of all sizes

  • Personalized culinary creations for cocktail and dinner parties

  • Demonstrations and cooking clasess all about food infused with fun for groups or individuals

  • Service includes menu planning, shoping, and meal preparation.

No waiting for boxed ingredients to show up on the doorstep so you can cook your own meals. All you have to do is to choose the delicious, gourmet meals you want from your refrigerator and decide when you want to eat. Imagine arriving home to delicious chef-prepared meals, chosen specifically for you and your family.

Jeanne offers menus designed for today's eating lifestyles, such as gluten-free, Keto, Whole30, vegan and vegetarian. Some of her specialities are classic French, Italian, Japanese, (including sushi), Costa Rican, Mexican, Hungarian, Irish, Greek, and of course traditional American.

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"Jeanne is an excellent Chef and really listens to her clients. She is punctual, thorough, and her food is amazing. Whether she is cooking for a family or for an event, everything is fabulous.

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Accredited Certified Food HandleR of the National Restaurant Assoc.

a Member of the United States Personal Chefs Association (USPCA)